Pros and Cons of Spending Winter in Florida

The Pros and Cons Spending Winter, Or at Least a full Month, in Florida (aka Becoming a Snowbird)

Come on, there can’t be any negatives to spending the winter in warm sunny Florida. Right?

Is it starting to get cold outside or are you just determined to be in a warmer place next winter?

When winter approaches, some people can’t wait to start digging out their winter hats and gloves.

I personally know people who spend all year getting their ski equipment ready for the upcoming season.  They actually can’t wait until the snow starts to fall.

But if you’re not a winter sports fan and dread the approach of cold snowy weather, you may be dreaming of a winter where the weather is warm and sunny.

You may actually be picturing yourself lying on the beach in Florida soaking up the sun’s warm rays while the sound of waves rolling in and out chases stress from your mind and puts you into a state of deep relaxation.

But is this how it really is? Well, lets take a look at the pros and cons of being a snowbird in Florida these days…

The Pros and Cons Spending Winter, Or at Least a full Month, in Florida

The Pros

The weather truly is warm and sunny.

In winter, the heat and humidity that has air conditioning units humming 24 hours a day for most of the year in Florida, is gone.

The winter weather in Florida is about the best you can expect to experience anywhere in the US. Most days you won’t need heat or air conditioning.

It evens rains less in Florida during the winter months. Winter in Florida is ideal for people who love to be outside.

The threat of hurricanes has past.

The water off of Florida’s coast is no longer in the ninety degree plus range so the fuel that feeds hurricanes and the damage they cause, is gone.

So too is the threat of ridiculously disruptive, stressful evacuations due to possible hurricane strikes.

You don’t have to worry about hurricanes during the winter months in Florida.

There’s fewer pests and more birds.

The bugs, snakes, alligators and other common Florida pests that can plague residents other times of the year, are less active during Florida’s winter.

There’s also the non-human, true feathery-type snowbirds that fly south in large flocks to escape cold northern winters and many help to lower the bug problem.

Florida is a bird watchers paradise during the winter months.

You can enjoy any outdoor activity in Florida during the winter that you love to do “up north” during the summer.

Yes, you can golf, swim, go to the beach, bike, boat and just about anything else you love to do that requires being outdoors.

There’s actually more to do in Florida during the winter.

Florida’s winter weather just draws people outside into the warm no/low humidity sunshine.

Because of this, all kinds of outdoor art, food and other festivals and events of all kinds are held throughout Florida during the winter.

The cons of spending winter in Florida

Long lines and traffic jams.

Florida is now the 3rd most populated state thanks to all of the people leaving the state that previously held that spot, New York, and moving to Florida.

With a population of over 20 million people now, Florida is pretty crowded to begin with because most live along the coast of in the Orlando area.

Now add over 110,000,000 tourist yearly, most of which visit during the warm winter months.

The traffic jams, number of accidents, long lines to do anything or find a place to park gets worse every year.

Yes you can golf, but it’s so crowded the play is  painfully s–l—o—-w.

Disney even stopped admitting people to their parks in December 2017 because they reached capacity.

However, despite the additional crowds, traffic and higher prices, full-time Florida residents seem far more bothered by overcrowding than snowbirds.

The long lines just to get into the door of a restaurant might have folks with a Florida drivers license in their pocket fuming, but the snowbird just sits at the bar and enjoys a drink with an umbrella in it until a table is available.

Florida Snowbirds tend to stay relaxed and enjoy the place just like you would expect to on a long extended vacation which is essentially what snowbirding in Florida is.

The cost for many things can be far higher during winter.

Yes you can golf during the winter in Florida, but it will cost you far more that what the price is when it’s hot and humid outside up to 9 months of the year.

The cost of hotel rooms and home rentals are higher.

It’s just business but because of huge demand and limited supply, it won’t be cheap to enjoy the luxurious weather in Florida during January, February or March.

Full-time Florida residents will refer to you as a “snowbird”

There are worse things in life, right?

These are just a few of the negatives to winters in Florida.

Also, make sure you check if there are other negatives talked about in the Florida Move Guide, happening in the city you’re interested in before you book and pay for your Florida snowbird escape. For example, how much will you enjoy the beach, fishing or boating if this is going on…

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The Bottom Line?

Almost every snowbird I ever met met in Florida loved being in the state during the winter months, whether it was for just 1 month or the popular January through March stay.

With a little bit of research, chances are high you’ll love wintering in Florida also, and may return year after year.

Ron Stack “That Best Places Guy”

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  1. I like to come down in January,February, March, April. Then leave when the weather gets nice in Massachusetts . Hit the beach, fishing, nature areas

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