Better State New York or Florida?

Is Living in Florida Better Than New York?

Thinking of moving from New York to Florida?

If so, you’re probably trying to determine if living in Florida will be better than New York and actually result in improving your life.

This is a quality of life comparison between living in New York and Florida can help answer many of your questions.

Many people are leaving high tax states such as New York and moving to states with lower or no state income taxes because of the $10,000 cap of state tax deductions on federal tax returns.

But is moving for lower taxes a good idea?

Its been reported that most who move out of New York, choose Florida as their new home state.

Residents have been leaving the Empire State for the Sunshine State long before the recent tax change.

Florida overtook New York as the third most populated US state years before the additional tax incentive they have now.

Living in New York Versus Living in Florida

Cost of Living New York Vs Florida

The overall cost of living in New York is higher today than just about any other US state. This is according to information derived from the Cost of Living Index compiled by the Council for Community and Economic Research.

The overall cost of living in Florida comes right in about the middle of the pack, between the higher and lower-cost states.

Lower cost of living Winner? Florida


Crime Rate, New York Vs Florida

According to FBI reporting, the overall crime rate in New York is actually quite low, and places the state just outside of the top 10 states with the lowest overall crime rate.

While Florida’s crime rate ranking has improved over the last few years, it still ranks in the bottom half of states with higher overall crime rates.

Lower crime rate winner? New York


Which state has more things to do? New York Vs Florida

When shopping, restaurants, entertainment, restaurants, recreation and other activities are considered, both New York and Florida have more for residents to do to enjoy their free time than most other states.

New York State has beaches along its eastern shore, skiing in the Adirondacks, The Finger Lakes and wine regions and of course, just about anything you could possibly want to do or see, in the New York City metro area.

Florida is the number one tourist destination in the United States. Over 110 million visitors per year visit Florida to eat, drink and be entertained. The state is famous for its beaches and theme parks.

Both states rank in the top third of all US states in the fun factor, but New York actually nudges out Florida because it has a wider variety of available activities such as all that can be enjoyed in the mountains, having four distinct seasons.

More things to do winner? New York

florida move guide book cover and discription

Better schools, New York Vs Florida

Many states in the Northeast have earned high overall school rating scores for decades.

According to the Quality Counts report by the research center Education Week as reported by USA Today, New York State schools are rated in the top 10 of all states in the US.

In the same report, Florida schools were rated 29th overall.

Better schools Winner? New York


Which state has lower taxes overall, New York vs Florida?

Okay, if you think this is going to be a slamdunk for Florida, you would be right.

The Tax Foundation says New York’s overal tax bite ramks it near the highest at #48.

Florida doesn’t even have a personal state income tax and residents almost the lowest overall tax burden of all states at #4.

But this comparison comes with the caveat.

All states need tax revenue in order to fund operations and provide public services.

While Florida may have lower taxes, it has fees that may cost more to do needed things such as register your car.

Wages paid for the same job in Florida maybe also be lower than what you would get in New York State.

So the tax advantage for lower income workers or those on a fixed income may not be as substantial as some prospective new residents may anticipate.

However, there’s no question that the higher someone’s personal income is, the greater their tax advantage will be in Florida over New York.

Warning: It may not be easy to convince NY tax authorities you have moved out of the state, according to a reporting from CNBC

Winner lower overall taxes? Florida


Which state has better weather, New York or Florida?

I know I’m going to take some heat for this next rating, but trust me, after you live in Florida for 10 years you’ll understand.

If you asked most people the United States which state has better weather New York or Florida, I’ll bet the overwhelming majority of people would answer Florida without a doubt.

This is what also what I thought after vacationing in Florida dozens of times over many years, before finally moving there.

As a real estate broker who talked with thousands of people who wanted to move to, and out of Florida, I have something to share with you…

One of the reasons people move to the sunshine state is for the weather, but ironically, it’s also one of the main reasons people give when moving out of the state.

Do you consider a higher number of days with possible sunshine preferable? How about humidity levels low enough to actually be comfortable while outside to enjoy it?

Using data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, if you combine more days of sun with lower humidity, both New York and Florida are similarly grouped in the middle rankings of the 50 states.

However, New York’s weather nudges out Florida by a small margin.

Of course, if you take a coat to the supermarket during the summer because you get cold walking by the coolers, you may prefer Florida’s weather.

Better weather winner? New York


Which state are people happier living in, New York or Florida?

When you think about it, this may be the most important factor.

Almost everyone would rather live in a place where there’s low crime over a high crime area, right?

So quality of life factors do matter, but…

Where would you rather live, in a city that has higher overall quality of life scores, or a lower rated place where residents were happier?

According to the latest Gallup Sharecare well-being Index, more residents said they were happier with their lives and community in New York State, than in Florida, but the difference was marginal.

Florida ranked 31st and New York took the 30th spot.

Happier residents winner? New York.


So, Is it Better to Live in Florida or New York?

As I was researching this comparison, a few things struck me…

  • Neither state is anywhere close to being in the top 10 best states to live in based on actual quality of life scores, although both are popular well known tourist destinations.
  • Both states have many individual scores and final overall scores near the middle of the pack when compared to all states.
  • On many factors there was little difference between the states.
  • The biggest advantage Florida has over New York is its lower overall tax burden. The higher your income is, the bigger the advantage living in Florida has over New York on this one factor.
  • For those with school-age children, the big difference in the education rating of New York schools over Florida’s is something that shouldn’t be ignored.

Bottom line

New York won more of the comparisons above, but it wouldn’t be hard to find other ratings where the “the hotter the better method” method is used when comparing weather.

However, if that method was really valid, people would be flocking to live in the hottest deserts in the world at the same time many believe the climate is only going to get hotter.

Florida may have an overall higher crime rate, but there are cities and towns in Florida that have very low crime rates, including all of the places on my “best” lists.

The bottom line is almost everyone who moves from New York to Florida will love it during the “honeymoon” period. Some will go on to live in Florida the rest of their lives. However, many will move intending to live in Florida forever but will eventually realize it was a mistake and move out. That’s expensive.

Good luck on your choice!

Ron Stack “That Best Places Guy”

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22 thoughts on “Better State New York or Florida?”

  1. I lived in NY from age 13 to 28 (Bronx, upstate NY & Queens). I then moved to California from age 28 to 49, (Seal Beach, Marina Del Rey, Huntington Beach), and finally moved to Florida and still in FL (22 years). I only have lived in one place in FL, Weston. It was easy to move from NY to CA, but missed working in Manhattan. The move from CA to Florida was hard, but it’s been where I have been the happiest. If I could not get out of FL in the summer, I would prefer CA as my year round place, but because we leave FL from three to five months in the summer, FL is my first choice, because I don’t care how wonderful NY may be, but those winters are cold. Florida has the best weather in the country in the winter! My husband and I choose to spend the summer months either in the CO mountain areas, or Los Angeles beach areas.

  2. How is the comparison, in the health department, doctors, hospital, dental, nursing homes, for over all care , if you became very sick, also , the vet care, we all have a pets, 2 or even 3, thank you, for your information, I am finding that N.Y., is driving us to the poor house , with there income tax and the caps, being placed on the few deductions we have left, my Social Security, has been cut a substantial amount, do to the requirements , of IRA , withdrawals and I have no say in the amount I need to take out, or be penalized, you can take more out, then is required, but, the last time I read, the United States, was a free country??

  3. I think this article is totally BIASED when it says “weather winner is New York”. How much could wash people’s brains? If you are happy w 22 inches of snow in NY, enjoy it. Don’t wash people’s brains. I lived 15 years in NYC & moved to FL. I would never look back. I also have doubt about crime rate as lived there. I feel & see much less crime in FL. Maybe, many crimes been unreported in NY.

    • Hello Jonny,
      When a snowstorm heads your way, you run to the grocery store to buy all the bread off the shelf because you’ll have to shovel snow then stay inside your warm cozy home for a day.
      That’s not what happens when a hurricane heads your way when you live in Florida.

      My weather comparison is based on criteria using possible number of sunny days and humidity ratings from NOAA, not my personal opinion. However, I must disclose that I am someone who loves snow because I love skiing and have often traveled to Lake Placid NY because they just got 22″ of snow.

      You also wrote “I lived 15 years in NYC & moved to FL. I would never look back.”

      Everyone says that when they first move to Florida, but many feel differently after 5-10 years, if they still live in FL.

      The crime rates were accurate when the article was written. Crime is location specific. For example, Manhattan did have far less crime than the Bronx just a few years ago. Additionally, even states with a high overall crime rates will have towns with low or very low crime.

      Jonny, thank you for reading the article and expressing your opinion. I hope you’ll be happy in Florida long term if that’s what you want.
      Ron Stack “That Best Places Guy” of Zeus Press Inc

      • Want to be certain if moving to Florida is right for you or your family? You’ll know after reading the Florida Move Guide. Avoid expensive mistakes.
      • Nyc is the best in anyway you can think about. My family moved to fl and wish I want down for to hot for me I need my Breaks with the seasons and fl if you get that it’s because up north giving y’all a break do to slow for me and the heat is to much New York is everything

    • I’m sorry but that isn’t NOT true about the crime factor in Florida It is a FACT that Florida has much more crime. Hopefully where you live the crime rate is lower but I live in Ft. Lauderdale and this is a war zone.

      Trust me Ron is right on with his information. I’ve been following him for a long time now.

    • I agree this thing is rigged anyone who leaves NYC to Florida n does it rite never looks back . This says snow is better then sun everyday with bella sunsets n beaches all year round yeah ok. I love nyc it’s my home but not same no more n highest in tax n corruption m all these bs laws now Florida has been my second home love it love it n hoping to move back permanent soon for good nothing like living where the water is warm drinks r cold cant wait to be in florida rest of my days .

    • Much less crime in Florida? Uhhhh I don’t think so! Better look up the crime stats for each state.

  4. How about this………..Personal Freedoms.

    New York Has high taxes and also HIGH Regulation. YES!

    How many times have I heard New Yorkers pine about how you cant do something or something is illegal, only for me to respond ” you ain’t in New York anymore!” we have so many less laws and regulations that affect quality of living in a positive way. And the Crime rates?

    What about asset protection?
    Divorce laws?
    No state income tax
    Lower insurance costs.
    Is it really cheaper to register your car in New York?? I pay $39 a year for a full size truck in Florida. $86.50 in NYC!
    I don’t have to pay for oil to heat the house.
    I don’t need winter clothes.
    I can wear flip flops anywhere !
    we have 1300 miles of coast.

    Just remember, when you leave a state of High taxes, High regulation,
    Don’t come to Florida and vote for High Taxes, High regulation.
    you left New York for a reason. Don’t New York My Florida!

  5. lived for yrs in NY..moved to Fl..saying, no more wet chili feet..WELL , WANTED TO MOVE BACK 2 MONTHS INTO SUMMER..Fl..has seasons..summer, summer, summer,and fall

    • U are so right, i moved to Fla from Ny and i’m very unhappy. I want to go back. the only reason why I trying to stay is cause of my daughter and grandchildren. I just dont know what to do. I miss my church, my friends. I cry all the time. But my husband loves it here it’s crazy..

  6. New York is a better place to live than Florida. In NY you can live in a community for 30 -40 years, and it will hardly change. For all the millions of people living in NY crime rate is relatively lower than many other states. Florida after 3-4 years most of the community falls apart and become slums. Those big pick-up trucks that saturated the streets and in every driveway. Oh”what of those HOA which is higher than your taxes, and mortgage. Are those things legal? You cannot even choose the color of your own home. They’re building the homes so close to each other, you can reach out and touch your neighbors house. Are those homes built with fire safety in mind. Over value homes! If You’re working in Florida and you cannot pay your mortgage, then the homes are over-priced. Florida depends on out of state people to buy those property. Simple if the foundation cannot carry the structure, then you cannot build. Cannot work in Florida to pay your mortgage then the homes are over price. That is why the real estate bottom falls out every 10-12 years. I park my new car at Boyton Beach they smear fecie on my car, upon returning. Stand your ground law. Why they need the police when everyone has a gun. I am not against guns, but not everyone is responsible to carry a gun. Don’t be duped only by sunshine. Laps in real estate laws. You’re over paying for your house, as we speak. When you talk to realtor about a house first thing they’re asking, are you paying cash. l usually say, I am not asking to buy donuts, I am talking about a house . They use the cash offer to drive up the value. I will never buy a home for cash in Florida. Let’s be real in New York during the winter season you can wear your coats and go out. In Florida in August you hardly can make it out your car to the supermarket. There is a difference between the two states, however people that only live in Florida will be unable to experience the difference, only those that actually live in the north, will recognize the difference. Thank you.

  7. Florida summer time is too damn long. I have no problem getting some sun but too much of it is not good for your skin, not to forget the humidity. I would take NYC simply because summer in NY is not as long as fl. In Florida you get 9 months of heat straight up heat, this is crazy. Especially, if you don’t drive and you gotta wait on the bus, even worst. I lived in Connecticut for 25 years, best State ever. School wise, crime rate, community, jobs wise, pay rate us way much better up North than down south Florida. I would take Connecticut and NYC over Florida thousands times.

  8. Overall people vote with their foot. I know each person is different and will have different opinions about the same things. But for some reason more people lives in Florida instead of NY. The final opinion is that one. I decided to live in Florida instead of California, New York or Texas. Texas would have been my plan B. Heat, I have no problem with that, I have AC on my car and house. Also, I have noticed that the person who wrote this article used the worst ratings for Florida while using the best ratings for NY. Mmm, not really unbiased. One of the reasons I decided Florida is that Florida has better schools up to High school level. University is a decision for my daughter. My neighbors are fron Connecticut and New York and both of them decided Florida because of their kids.

    • Hello Ernest,
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts, but you somehow missed the whole point of the comparison. I used the credible sources named, and their ratings, and named either Florida or New York the winner in that comparison if they had the better score. Couldn’t be any more unbiased than that.

      As a real estate agent, then broker, I’ve helped 1000’s of buyers thrilled about moving into Florida, and after they’ve lived in “paradise” for years but later decided it was a mistake and wanted to move out. The “I have AC on my car and house” is commonly used by those first moving into Florida. Using that trend of thought, I guess you could live in the frozen tundra of the north pole (with a heated car and home) or in the desert of Death Valley in CA. But is that ideal?

      To be fair, check back in a few weeks (it’s now 12/16/2021) when I update the comparison for 2022. I think that Florida’s crime rates, resident satisfaction and school ratings have improved compared to other states. New York’s crime rates may have increased and resident satisfaction may be lower. Again, I will use the ratings of well respected government agencies or nonprofits that study, rate and report to compare the states.

      It’s true, people do vote with their feet when they move to Florida. And when they move out.

      Have a nice day, thanks for taking the time to comment and I hope FL works out for you like you planned.
      Ron Stack “That Best Places Guy” of Zeus Press Inc

      • Want to be certain if moving to Florida is right for you or your family? You’ll know after reading the Florida Move Guide. Avoid expensive mistakes.


  9. I grew up in a wealthy enclave of South Florida. I thought it was paradise growing up and thought I would always live there. Then I left for my education to the North East. It wasn’t till 2-3 years being up north did I realize how little my world was in Florida. The education is so poor. I was in the top schools in the state and ranked in the top 10% for high school and college. Then I went to graduate school amd was easily in the bottom half. Regarding culture and food, wow….I had no idea about anything. The North(DC, NYC, etc) has so much culture, food, arts, etc. There’s always so much to do up here, you couldn’t be a homebody if you wanted to up here. The four seasons of the year, the various terrain(beach, mountains, lakes etc) keep you busy. The cities all have amazing stuff going on all year round. When it was time to get a job, the money is so much more. Sure you think a lot gets eaten up by taxes and cost of living but i still make more than Florida! Even if it’s the same, I would pay that toll for the privilege of having access to a world class city with international airports to take me anywhere in the world right at my finger tips. There are days I miss Florida (esp Jan- April) but the rest of the year id rather be up here. Admittedly I’ve been here for most of my twenties and half of my thirties and it suits a younger person to be up here but who knows where I’ll be when I’m older…I’m sure I’ll do the historical migration back down south as a snow bird

    • Florida is a dump
      NYC is way better. We got Times Square, Rockefeller Center, iconic skyscrapers, etc…

  10. I moved to Florida in 2021 and lived for 1 year. But Florida only offers Yacth ,drugs, beach and that’s it…. that’s why in 2022 I relocate myself in NYC .
    Honey Nothing like NEW YORK .IS THE BEST . Period !

  11. The quality of life in Florida continues to decline and now with the ever-growing increase in hurricanes and invasive species Florida is a good place to be from.

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