Live Longer and Healthier in These Florida Towns

Where to Live in Florida for a Longer Healthier Life!

I’ve been researching and writing about factors that have to do with living better and with the best places to live for nearly a decade now. I start almost every day scouring dozens of new reports about health, well-being, etc. When it comes to the healthiest places to live, almost none of the government agencies and nonprofits that research and report on the subject use the same exact criteria to reach their conclusions. However…

Why This Healthiest Place’s Study Is so Important

However, a new report that just come out is one of the best studies I’ve ever seen on the healthiest places to live. Why do I say that? First of all, it was thorough. They researched dozens of factors that relate to being healthy. They studied factors such as obesity rate, smoking, inactivity, excessive drinking, premature death rates and much more.

The real reason I like this study so much is they boiled all those factors down to just two, to determine which places are healthiest. So what two factors did they use?

  1. Where are people living the longest lives?
  2. Where are a higher percentage of people healthy enough to enjoy living that longer life?

Wow. How can you argue with that? Almost everyone wants to live longer and also be healthy enough to actually enjoy it. So why should you know where people are living longer and also enjoying better health along with all those extra years? Because research has shown we become a product of our environment. For instance, if most of the people we encounter everyday (at work, home, etc.) are fit, it’s likely we are fit too or will become so. Studies show that if our kid hangs out with kids that get good grades, chances are they will also.

So if you’re thinking of moving to Florida and are trying to decide where to live, you may want to consider moving to where other people are already living longer healthier lives. While there’s no guarantee that moving to these places will improve our health, it’s probably far better than moving to a town where more people report being unhealthy while they’re alive and the facts show a higher percentage of people in that area die prematurely.

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How We Identified Florida’s Fountain of Youth Towns

First, we took the healthiest counties in Florida where people are also healthier, according to the recently released study. Then we identified towns in those counties that cleared the first hurdle all of our best places have to: The town must have lower property and violent crime rates than the national average.

Also, like all of our other best places lists, the towns must have better schools, job prospects, more shops, restaurants, parks, etc. per capita than most other places in Florida do and meet all of our other criteria. To be named as the best on this site, places must not only be safe, they must be great places that most people will love to live in. So here they are, Florida’s fountain of youth towns that also offer a higher quality of life…

The 4 Best Places to Live in Florida for a Longer Healthier Life

(in no particular order):

1) Sawgrass & Ponte Vedra Florida


2) Naples Florida


3) Venice Florida


4) Oviedo Florida

Disclaimer: According to the US Health and Human Service’s Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, the quality of healthcare is Florida is poor when compared to other states. Numerous other nationwide studies and reports on health care have shown similar results. We are in no way implying that the following Florida towns are the healthiest places to live in the US, but the data shows the following towns are among the healthiest places to live in Florida which could be helpful if it’s the only state you currently considering relocating to.

Ron Stack “That Best Places Guy”

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4 thoughts on “Live Longer and Healthier in These Florida Towns”

    • Hello Willis,
      Tallahassee does not qualify for any of our lists because it failed the first quality of life factor we look at when we consider towns for a specific list That first factor is crime rate. Tallahassee’s property crime rate is roughly 100% higher than the national average. It’s violent crime rate is nearly 300% higher than the average for the country, according to FBI reporting. By contrast, all of the towns on our best places lists have property and violent crime rates lower than the national average. Many of our choices have such little crime they are some of the safest places to live in the US.

      Maybe one of the reasons people live longer and healthier in the towns in the article above, is that they can enjoy life without the stress of worrying about crime (I’m sure you’ve heard of the studies that show stress can cause sickness and disease). After a lifetime of work, don’t we deserve to spend our golden years as stress-free as possible? Good luck Willis.
      Ron Stack

      • Want to be certain if moving to Florida is right for you or your family? You’ll know after reading the Florida Move Guide.
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