Is it Better to Live in Florida or Texas? See the Comparison Here

Both Florida and Texas are Popular Right Now, But Which State is a Better Place to Live or Retire?

A Florida versus Texas comparison of quality of life factors and resident polls.

According to the US Census Bureau, Florida and Texas have add more residents than most other US states, for many years .

Why Are So Many People Moving to Florida and Texas?

Are these states really better places to live?

Of the two, which state is better?

These two large fast growing states have some important things in common.

  • They both have beaches along the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico.
  • They are both susceptible to hurricanes because of their proximity to that warm body of water.
  • Neither state currently collects an income tax from its residents.
  • They both offer their residents the best asset protection laws in the country. These laws provide more protection of IRA’s and pensions, equity in a home, insurance proceeds and more.

But how do they compare when it comes to other common quality of life factors that matter?

Quality of life factors Florida versus Texas

Cost of Living Florida Versus Texas

The overall cost of living in Florida is lower in #20 Texas (with #1 being the lowest cost) than #28 Florida according to information derived from the Council for Community and Economic Research.

Cost of Living Winner: Texas has a lower overall cost of living but it’s far from the least expensive state to live in.


Crime Rate Florida Versus Texas

The overall crime rate in Florida is lower at #33 than Texas #36 according to FBI reporting (rates are per 100,000 of population for both property and violent crime). Overall crime rates in both states are higher than the national average.

Crime Rate Winner: Florida has a lower overall crime rate than Texas, but it’s crime rate is still higher than most other states and has been for years.


Healthcare Quality Florida Versus Texas

The overall quality of healthcare in Florida at #36 is better than Texas at #43 according to the US Health and Human Services Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.

Healthcare Quality Winner: Florida rates better here but both states rank solidly in the bottom half of all US States in health care quality.


Overall Tax Burden Florida Versus Texas

The overall tax burden in Florida is the 4th lowest of the 50 states while Texas comes in at #13 according to a study by Wallethub. The study looked at the combined burden of state and local excise, individual income, property and sales taxes.

Overall Tax Burden Winner: Florida’s overall tax burden is lower but both states shine here. Lower tax rates are one of the main reasons people are moving to these states in such large numbers.


Weather Florida Versus Texas

According to statistics available from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) you would have a slightly better chance for sunshine on a daily basis in Florida than you would in Texas. However, the humidity is higher in Florida.

Truthfully, most of us enjoy warm weather with low humidity which is what modern heat and air conditioning provide for us indoors, but there are few places that provide that outdoors all year round.

Most people moving to Florida do so for the weather. Buyers moving to Florida will even tell me humidity doesn’t bother them or that they actually like very humid days. This is ironic because years later when they want to sell and move out one of the main reasons is the weather, with high humidity being the main culprit.

Weather Winner: Tie. Both states deliver on warmer overall temperatures than northern states. However, they don’t offer the warm comfortable temps with low humidity year round that many people really desire, and this can lead to regret.

florida move guide book cover and discription

Housing Costs Florida versus Texas

Do you consider the cost of owning a decent home a quality-of-life factor? I do, because whether you’re still working or retired, being financially secure is less stressful and constantly worrying about money can lead to health issues.

For most people, the cost of housing including paying a rent or a mortgage payment, consumes most of our income on a monthly basis.

  • Rental cost for a 2BR in Texas is an average of $897. That will cost you $1,074 in Florida.
  • Average home price in Texas $247,210. In Florida it’s $297,390*.

If you believe that owning a similar home at a much more affordable price will improve your quality of life, then Texas would win this contest. If you believe that investing your money or signing on the dotted line for a 30 year mortgage for a home whose value won’t drop drastically after purchasing, possibly leaving its value far below what you owe on the place, then Texas may be a better place for you to buy a home, than Florida.

Home Price Winner: Texas, lower cost than Florida to buy a similar home plus home values that are more stable.

FYI: The Florida Move Guide explains how home prices in Florida increase faster than most other states during good economic times and sink faster and farther during recessions. Economic downturns happen about every seven years on average.

Florida was the overall winner over Texas in our comparison, using the categories above.

Bottom line

  • Texas and Florida have both been adding more residents than most other states.
  • There are other states that have higher overall quality of life scores. The ironic thing is that every day people move from some of these high quality of life states to places like Texas and Florida, which have lower scores, yet expect the move will improve their life.
  • A state’s overall quality of life rating is important to know when considering a major life-changing event such as long-distance relocation. However the quality of life of the particular town you move to, can be far more important.
  • My research shows that most of the safest places in Florida that also offer a high quality of life, now come with an equally high home price tag. By comparison, Texas is one of a handful of states that has lots of towns with high quality of life factors, very low crime rates and still somewhat affordable home prices.


Ron Stack “That Best Places Guy”

  • Want to be certain if moving to Florida is right for you or your family? You’ll know after reading the Florida Move Guide.


68 thoughts on “Is it Better to Live in Florida or Texas? See the Comparison Here”

  1. Thanks for this great article comparing the move to Florida vs. Texas. Florida tends to be a popular destination for retirees, but Texas has its perks too. Thanks for this reliable information!

    • There is no Shangri-La,any place is what you make it.Mind over matter.
      Good people define a decent place.We have to adjust to people’s behavior overall.
      Priorities:Education,at least a Bachelor’s degree $$$$$ to live comfortable,or trained in a good trade.
      Trades such as Plumber,Electrician,Health field,Specialized Nurses,Trained Mechanics etc.
      Adaptation to everything is the key.We must get along the best we can.It is a new era.
      Survival of the fittest.

      • I agree with some of what you say but respectfully disagree with a “any place is what you make it”.

        For instance,
        If a place has high crime rates that are only getting worse
        If a place has had failing schools for years
        If a place has perpetual high unemployment because businesses left town long ago

        You can’t just make make it better with “mind over matter”.

        You can however, move to a place with a higher quality of life and actually enjoy low crime rates, great schools, jobs, low taxes, etc.

        Thanks for commenting Wilfredo and have a great day.
        Ron Stack “That Best Places Guy”

        • Want to be certain if moving to Florida is right for you or your family? You’ll know after reading the Florida Move Guide.
  2. Texas for young professionals that wants a warmer climate, biggest state, good infrastructure, good food and not so much vacation spot. Florida is just to laid back for old people in my opinion or young service people with no education or low income and education nurses.

    • It was once believed that Florida is for old people but that is not the case now.

      There has been a big influx of young people moving to Tampa, Florida, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale and many other cities in Florida.

      Many people here in Florida are making six figures and highly educated.

      The cost of living can be expensive based upon where you live which is equal to or higher than Texas.

      A matter of fact many doctors are moving to Florida.

      • It’s still the case, more old people are moving to Florida than young people because there are no jobs in Florida, it has the highest unemployment of any state right now because of job losses in restaurants, bars and tourism in general.

        People are moving out of the big cities because of covid and other recent events.

        Florida will need more doctors because of the spike in virus cases and the hospitals filling up.

        • This really isn’t true….we now have a much younger population, many jobs, and hospitals r not overburdened by Covid…areas vary, but home prices from Central Florida on down to Miami r high…North Florida is affordable, calmer, and less congested…like any state, it depends on whether u want high active population or laid back living…Florida, however, is all susceptible to hurricanes

          • Thanks for expressing your opinion, but when people are trying to decide whether it’s better to move to Florida or Texas, knowing the facts will likely lead to a better decision. Florida has a higher percentage of seniors over 65 years old than any other state except Maine. Over 20% of Florida’s population is over 65. Texas has the 3rd smallest percentage of seniors at just 12.6%. With soaring home prices and rental prices in Florida, it’s tougher for younger people to move to Florida than it is for people who have social security, pensions, investment nest-eggs built up over decades, paid off mortgages on homes they’ve live in for 35 years, etc.

            Here’s a chart showing the percentage of a state’s population over 65, for every state.

            To be fair, the comment you replied to is almost a year old when covid was new. As of 3/9/21, both Florida and Texas seem to be among the states leading the re-opening.
            Havea great day Sharon and thanks for sharing your thoughts.
            Ron Stack “That Best Places Guy” of Zeus Press Inc

            • Want to be certain if moving to Florida is right for you or your family? You’ll know after reading the Florida Move Guide. Avoid expensive mistakes.
          • I think I just made my final decision based on this post. I originally relocated from Rhode Island to Lincoln, NE. 3 years up here still no significant friends. 32, Married with kids: 6 & 3. BS in CS & currently pursuing master in Computer Information Management but once I conclude my master we decided Texas is the place to be. Definitely cost of housing is among the motivation. Currently on a mortgage: 3 beds/ 2baths, about 16K square ft that ran us about 230K. ( we want warmer and a bit more of a bigger City vibe) We originally from a country were it almost 70/80 degree year round though we lived all our teenage/adults life here. Humidity isn’t a deal breaker. Thank you for comparing the 2 state we were considering. Thank all for your personal comments and experience, it very alighting.

  3. I don’t know which of these two states Texas or Florida I should move to now…. I know that I’m getting tired of California….

    • Hello Nancy,
      A historical map from the US Department of Commerce of hurricane paths that affected The US is provided below. While you can see most of Texas on the map, it’s difficult to even make out where the state of Florida is because of all of the hurricane tracks.
      A few notes…
      1) People who live along the coast of both Texas and Florida are impated far more by hurricanes than those who live further inland.
      2) Most Florida residents live along the coast. Most people living in Texas do not live on the coast.
      3) Flooding is a different matter. Flooding from hurricanes can be a problem anywhere, even when the storm is no longer a hurricane, and in states far from the coast.
      4) The Florida Move Guide explains how you will be far less affected by hurricanes the farther inland you are, but there are things you can do to better protect yourself in coastal areas.

      Ron Stack “That Best Places Guy”

      • Want to be certain if moving to Florida is right for you or your family? You’ll know after reading the Florida Move Guide.
      • _____

  4. Texas if you want to make money,and good jobs more opportunity more bigger cities for a better opportunity and jobs but if you like vacation year-round Florida is better. And texas really ain’t bad, way more opportunity in Texas.

  5. I am thinking of relocating.. Florida or Texas.. Have family and friends in Florida. No one in Texas… But I want more rural than Florida. I’m a Jersey Girl living in Pa.. It would be just me and my Animals. I am concerned about the weather and crime..
    I live on Disability and a part time income… Which I would need to find also… I just came thru a 2 year battle with breast. cancer…. And need a fresh start….Where should I look in Texas??

    • Hello Susan,
      Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. This section is for commenting on an article or asking a question about something in the article. I may from time to time offer information, if it would likely benefit many other readers, but I’m sorry, I don’t offer specific advice that may only help one individual. However, here’s a few thoughts that may help anyone in your situation that’s thinking of moving somewhere new…

      1) The Florida Move Guide says that one of the reasons many relocations don’t work out, is because people assume they will make friends more easily in their new place than actually happens. Felling isolated in their new location can quickly lead to regret. You said you have friends and family in Florida, but “No one in Texas”.

      2) The only motivation given for moving 1000’s of miles was “need a fresh start”. My research shows (including talking with 1000’s of buyers and sellers moving in and out of areas) that no matter how far we move to a new place, we are the same, just in a different location. A new location doesn’t change us, however, we can make a “fresh start” any minute of any day, right where we are, relocation or not.

      3) Moving somewhere we have never even visited, or only spent more vacations there, can lead to regret when our perception of what it will be like is different than the reality we find.

      4) You stated you want rural but will need to find a job. It can be tough to find suitable employment in rural areas even during good economic times. As of today 7/9/20, we still have some of the highest unemployment rates due to the covid-19 shutdowns.

      4) One of my other websites has a best places to live in Texas article with videos that has a few great places that have a lot going for them, that may be helpful.

      Thanks for reading and commenting and good luck.
      Ron Stack “That Best Places Guy”

      • Want to be certain if moving to Florida is right for you or your family? You’ll know after reading the Florida Move Guide.
    • Hello. I moved from Massachusetts to Texas in Austin. I was planning Pensacola FL and last minute changed my mind from internet which makes Austin as a number one city to live..Although my wife and I have been here for 2 years I still don’t have friends. A lot of people are moving from all over US to Austin and you see a lot inconsiderate, ignorant and cocky, no social skills, terrible drivers, no body cares. Scary drivers all over the city and highways and police does nothing. Lots of homeless have infested the city probably around 3000 thousands that live under the bridge, wait at intersections, gas stations, Walmart or Targets. If you walk downtown you will be encounter aggressive homeless dirty smelling people which approach at you in every 500 feet you walk. They sleep downtown on the benches, at the city library doors or store doors. Now they are raising tents all alongside Cesar Chavez street making it disgusting walking by. City does nothing, government nothing.
      My advice is go where the family is because you are going to have hard time to make friends or family. My wife and I are disgusted from incompetence and negligence of this local government of this beautiful City which can be lot better with little responsibility and care from all, from super high prices of homes and rents, food prices and ignorant people which would slam the door at your face or when walking a car will not stop for pedestrian, but a pedestrian has to wait for a car. But if things are not changed we are definitely moving to North Florida.
      I would recommend to you North Florida, nicer calm people hospitable and friendly, great beaches and low prices..

  6. Senior citizens are only one third of Florida’s population and has been that way for many years.
    There is a lot of people who moved here from the Islands….Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Cuba, British Virgin Islands, Dominica, Haiti.
    You can google the crime in both Texas and Florida. I live in North Central Florida so I worry less about hurricane and I’m in a small town so less crime too.

  7. I moved out of Florida in 2019, it definitely has no jobs unless you have a degree (depends) in tourism or a nurse. Other than that, forget about it. They don’t believe in full time jobs or anything there. I now live in NC, I’ve been looking into TX recently because I need a big city atmosphere since I’m from NYC. All in all, FL is diverse with age now but the cost of living is far to much than the pay you’re getting. Hope this helps. I also lived in Winter Park, btw.

    • Thanks. My husband lost his job and we live outside of NYC. I’m glad you posted something about finding work in Florida. The taxes keep going up and my son finished hs in 3 years.

  8. Florida has miserable weather. Hot, steamy, very humid, muggy. Traffic is very congested even in smaller towns, crime is very high almost everywhere. Lots of drunk driving and just plain bad driving by elderly. Medical is expensive.

    • No better in Texas. Some parts are so scorching hot that we can go three years without any snow. And we have wildfires due to brutal droughts. Oh, and housing is MUCH more expensive when you look at how little you get for $225,000: barely 1,000 square feet and 90% of the houses have NO garage, just a stupid car port. With rising crime, it’s too dangerous to leave your car out in many cities around Texas. Income has nothing to do with it. My parents live in a neighborhood in Texas where 90% of residents make six figures and their pickup has been broken into TWICE and the wheels have been stolen.

      • I don’t know where you are seeing those homes. Based on that, the brand new 2,121 SF home I close on in April should have cost me well over $450,000, since it’s more than twice the size with a 3-car garage, on a pond and in a gated section. Instead, I’m paying $368,685 and it’s 10 minutes south of every major grocery, warehouse and home improvement store, 10 minutes south of a major hospital and 20 minutes south of I-610 that loops around Houston. And, pretty soon, we’ll have a 4 acre white sand “Crystal Lagoon.” It sounds like your parents live in a neighbor that has deteriorated over time. Rent a U-Haul and get them out of there, so they may enjoy their final years. Might I suggest Sierra Vista West?

  9. Lest we forget the I35 corridor in Texas is part of Tornado alley, this may influence where you want to live in the state.

    • I have lived in the I-35 corridor between San Antonio and Austin for the past 16 years. Before that, I lived in Lakeland, Fl between Orlando and Tampa (3 hurricanes in 2004). We have been safer in Texas than in Florida.

  10. I’m thinking about moving from Orlando, FL to Texas, houses in Orlando and surroundings are astronomical right now, absolutely ridiculous. I want to get a bigger and nicer house, even selling my house for a high price now still makes the new one very difficult to get. Texas has amazing houses for a decent price, but when you look at real estate taxes its almost double of what we pay in Florida. Then there is home insurance, in FL we have hurricanes and every year home insurance goes to the roof…What about Texas? I don’t see any comparison for homeowners, only rent. Need to know what are the real cost differences. Does anyone can help me on this?
    If Texas is too expensive, thinking about the Jacksonville/St. Augustine area.

    • Better think twice Pat. Houses in Texas are RIDICULOUS compared to Florida. You can pay a whopping $220,000 for barely 1,000 square feet and you do NOT get a garage 90% of the time! Most houses I’ve looked at in Florida seem to be around 1,000 square feet with a two car garage for the same price! Just ridiculous. And Texas real estate prices are the fastest rising in the south. Florida is still cheap compared to Texas. If the economy recovers, I might move to Florida to get away from overpriced Texas. It’s a myth. Texas is n o t cheap.

      • Mike. I live 20min East of Dallas. I got a 2100sqft new house in 2019 (with a three car garage) on half an acre for 282k. Prices like everywhere else are completely dependent on where you live in the state. Austin is where everyone is moving to and why prices are so high there. Dallas is growing fast as well but since there is more land prices are relatively stable.

        I have houses in both states. My Florida home is north of Tampa. 2000sqft on an acre.

        Here are my anecdotal differences.

        Property taxes in Texas are MUCH higher. On that house mentioned above I paid 7500 in property tax. The rate is 2.35%. In Florida my tax was 2500.

        Insurance. Where I live in Texas, insurance is high because we reliably have Tornadoes, severe thunderstorms with wind and hail and other extreme events. Florida does have hurricanes but the odds of your house getting hit is low and a once every 10 year event. Tornadoes and golf ball or larger size hail is an every spring and fall event now. Heck we had tornadoes Christmas day not a couple years back.

        Cost of living for electricity and groceries is lower in Texas as is fuel.

        Overall I choose to live in Texas despite the property taxes because I think the quality of life is better but I love Florida for visiting.

        • It’s not getting any better in Texas with the influx of californians, leaving a state they created a problem in and coming here with the same ideas. We have droughts and now they’re putting in lazy rivers and water parks here. It’s sad to see Texas getting destroyed and it’s been swiftly mutated into whatever you want to call this.

      • I agree. Texas tax for homeownership is outrageous. Not to mention the cost of living here now compares to most places in California but the overall pay especially for those in medical field is A LOT LOWER

      • Mike, while it is true that there are very expensive places to live in Texas, overall the cost of housing is less there for a comparable sized and located home. Add to that a 20% lower cost of gasoline, much lower cost food and other necessities, Texas is significantly more affordable. Look at the comparable median incomes (Texas is quite a bit higher) and the affordability difference becomes even greater. Look at the overall infrastructure of the two places the differences get even larger. If you’ve lived in a major metro area in Texas and then move to Florida you’ll feel as though you’ve gone to a quasi-third world country. The article’s comparison of health care offerings is ridiculous. Houston has the largest medical center in the world with facilities that people travel to from literally all over the world. There’s nothing comparable in Florida. My insurance company, Florida Blue, even told me with some of their policies I’ll be able to travel to Texas for medical care because over there they offer the highest level of care which isn’t available anywhere in Florida. If one is looking for the best beaches, Florida is the best. For everything else, Texas is MUCH better.

        • Hello Chris,
          Thank you for sharing your thoughts on Florida vs Texas. On median income, one must take into consideration that Florida is still the number one desired retirement destination and has been for decades. Most retirees earn less income than when they were working. Most relocations to Texas today are by people who are still working.

          I do take issue with your opinion on the quality of healthcare, which correct me if I’m wrong, is based solely on a conversation with paid employee representing an insurance company. My experience with insurance companies (and I worked for one for a few years), is that an employee’s job depending upon their position of course, is to take in as much money as possible while paying out as little as they can. For example, if you need a specialist and there is one that is known as the best and most experienced in the area, but they aren’t within your plan’s network, will your insurance company tell you to go them anyway and they’ll fully cover you? If I was told to go to one place rather than another, I would want to make sure that suggestion wasn’t made to save money at a service provider of lower quality.

          Yes, the article above includes a state to state comparison of healthcare quality using published statistics from the US Health and Human Services Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. Additionally, US News and Word Report has published rankings puting healthcare quality in Florida at #18 of the 50 states, and Texas at a dismal 39th overall (as of 06/06/2021 when this response was written). For the articles I write, I use published data by well know respected organizations for ratings.

          Thanks for taking the time to comment Chris. I do caution readers to do their own research and verify any information expressed, especially if they will be using it to make such an important decision as moving to another state in order to improve their life.
          Ron Stack “That Best Places Guy” of Zeus Press Inc

          • Want to be certain if moving to Florida is right for you or your family? You’ll know after reading the Florida Move Guide. Avoid expensive mistakes.
          • Does anyone take into consideration how the patients are actually treated. I lived in Florida for almost 8 years and I absolutely haaaattted the health care system. The doctors rush you in an out.. they don’t really seem to care about their patience. So for me .. on a personal level and from my own experience. I didn’t understand how a state where many come to retire.. which one would think they would be in need of medical care.. the bedside manner of those in the medical field would be much better.

            I have read a lot about how friendly people are in Texas so I am pray that translate to the bedside manner as well. Because for me .. I guess I’m not as impressed with how many facilities there are and how much insurance pays there is the nurses and doctors are so nasty to you and barley care about whats really going on with me.

      • Hello
        I moved from Florida to Southern Colorado. I lived in Wisconsin then Colorado, then Florida and then back to Colorado. BUT southern Colorado is the best. Small town living, a substantial tax break and great healthcare make it my choice. Florida’s summers are intense but the worst factor is the traffic. If you are getting older as I am, the traffic is too much to take. Six months of the year, you need to be indoors after 9:00am because of the heat/humidity. Four months of the year, you have all the snowbirds and can’t even get into a restaurant or unto a roadway safely. So you have maybe two good months…. September and October and that’s when the hurricanes are highest. Don’t know too much about Texas but my understanding is that the western side is pretty nice.

    • I live in texas and here in texas we are very proud of our state I have lived close to both towns you mentioned, my opinion St Augustine would be the better choice, if you like small town living which both are however St. Augustine has more to offer, they do have a decent hospital and shopping for your daily needs we are surround by nice lakes if you like water activities but if malls or theaters you will need to travel either town is a day trip but you can find anything you are looking for, but to warn they are not Orlando, it is a small sleepy town filled with friendly people who are very welcoming to transplants, not sure average price of home in Orlando but I can guess we are better priced but beware of real estate tax they are high if you check county to county they range from cheap to ridiculous Texas does offer discount on taxes if you are over a certain age Texas is a great state to live in and as our motto says you don’t mess with Texas we are strong believers in our rights hope this help you some also no state income tax and no sales tax

      • St Augustine is not on any of our best places lists for the same reason Jacksonville Florida isn’t. The reason is high crime rates according to the latest FBI reporting, and other poor ratings. Some recent press reports around the country from places with previously high crime rates are touting drops in crime for 2020. The lockdowns keeping people off the street and tourist at home may have something to do with the decreases. Will rates go back up once every gets back to normal?

        Most people thinking of moving to Florida should be cautious of moving to a place that has had high crime rates for years, but experienced a 1 year drop during the pandemic. St Augustine’s violent crime rate was roughly the same as Orlando’s at twice the national average. Most small towns St Augustine’s size are safer than large major metro areas.

        If St Augustine’s crime rates drop to below the national average and stay there for a few years, and other ratings like student test scores improve from below the national average, then it may qualify for some of our lists in the future. In the mean time, since so many people who move to Florida end up moving out, we recommend choosing the best place to live that’s possible for your budget. This will increase the odds of the city you move to, not being one of the reasons that cause yet another expensive move. The same goes for Texas.
        Ron Stack “That Best Places Guy” of Zeus Press Inc

        Want to be certain if moving to Florida is right for you or your family? You’ll know after reading the Florida Move Guide. Avoid expensive mistakes.

    • Not sure where you’re planning on moving to from Orlando which by the way I lived in Orlando for years Texas is horrible. At least in Collin county and more specifically in Stonebridge Ranch McKinney. The type of stepford wives sort of bubble that we live in is something terrible and if you have a kid going to school here you will deal with a lot of bullying a lot of entitlement it’s been a really hard time for my daughter and for that we have decided that we’re moving back to Florida because that’s where we come from and life was much better there

    • Property taxes on a $400,000 house are around $9000 a year/$750 per month added to your house payment

  11. Ron, Why are people leaving states that provide a higher quality of life to move to Texas or Florida?

    A big reason, in my opinion, are Estate Taxes which retirees must factor in to their decision. Neither state has an Inheritance Tax [aka Death Tax]

    • Hello John,
      Actually, most of the states that people are moving out of in large numbers, have a lower overall quality of life rating than Florida or Texas. The states currently losing the most residents typically have these 3 negative factors in common (at a minimum) that drag their quality of life to the bottom of the state list: 1) Higher overall tax burden 2) Higher cost of living and 3) Higher crime rates than most other states.

      Most people who move from states with a higher quality of life are often motivated by cold weather and snow (and too often other perceived but not actual improvements). But regardless of the reasons, moving from high quality states to lower rated places increases the risk of relocation remorse. Many end up moving again if it turns out to be a mistake.

      You are right though, I’ve had buyers mention Estate taxes in the “basket” of reasons they gave for their move.
      Ron Stack “That Best Places Guy”

      • Want to be certain if moving to Florida is right for you or your family? You’ll know after reading the Florida Move Guide. Avoid expensive mistakes.
  12. IIf you want to make friends fast, join a religious organization. Organized religion is very important in both Florida and Texas. If you’re “not religious,” try a charitable organization that does lots of good work in the community…. Despite some reports, it’s not true that your happiness depends entirely on yourself. Some folks are “just different” and they won’t be welcomed in some neighborhoods. In some places in Austin, outspoken conservatives who wear business suits may feel uncomfortable. Fifty miles away, there are towns that don’t welcome long-haired college kids. It happens. Same story in Florida. What’s acceptable in Key West may get you in big trouble in little places in Polk County.

  13. I have lived in FL & TX & what I like about Austin is that we have beautiful hills & lakes & the humidity is much lower than FL. I love the ocean but do not miss Hurricanes. Unfortunately, Austin is a very, liberal sanctuary city with homelessness under the freeways. The property Taxes in Austin are crazy high. We didn’t make good friends here until we joined a very large Church with lots of small groups. Overall, for my husband & me, Austin is where we will probably stay because we have Grandchildren here!

    • Exactly why I want to move. AZ used to be great but too many Californians are moving here and ruining the State.

    • I lived in both. If you are looking for fun and sun Florida is the place, but the job market and local business economies are terrible. If you are looking to work and create a stable life Texas is the place. It depends on what you are looking for.

      • Your wrong Florida is great! I live in North Tampa and would NEVER MOVE TO TEXAS!!! We are not fans of Texas, we love visiting family in Texas, but it’s definitely not worth moving to in our opinion. So if you haven’t lived in Florida for a while, you should do more research, but glad Texas worked out for you.

      • Agreed. Florida has beautiful beaches.. but not much in jobs that you can make a living on or retire from… Texas does and you get sooo much more in a home ..more bang for the buck better food too

  14. I’m from the UK and my family (husband and 2 kids) moved to Austin Texas 8 months ago. Actually a small town 30 mins from the city right near Lake Travis. We visited here are few times before moving out. We stayed in City which is a really lovely city, with a great feel, not too big. Agree though lots of homeless.
    We bought a fantastic house for the money compared to our UK one in Rough Hollow. Online it looks amazing and the lifestyle change was what we were looking for.
    Overall it’s a great place, beautiful, however, weather in Texas wasn’t what I was expecting! I thought it was going to be sunny and hot but in fact winter gets cold, frosts most mornings and we had a rare snow storm. We also have had quite a lot of cloudy, rainy days. July has been crazy hot though.
    The biggest thing that I have found difficult is making friends as it feels so big. People are moving in and out so rapid it’s hard to get to know people. Lots of Californians are moving in that is true and house prices in the year we’ve been here are crazy.
    Where we live I feel the choice of shopping is poor, so many people yet so few shops.
    I definitely got a feeling of some people moving, is solely work for tech companies. It almost feels that people don’t plan to stay that long and don’t quite connect in a way where they want to get to know people. I know of a couple of families actually moving back to their previous states as they just didn’t connect.
    I have been going to Florida for vacation for the last 15 years and always found it lovely and friendly.
    We have decided Austin as lovely as it is, it’s just not for us. We are now living in Florida and I already feel so much happier.
    I think meeting the right people is so important in how you settle. I’m sure there’s some lovely friendly people there, but I only met a few.
    I’m now living in Naples a small, slower city next to the sea with a great choice of shops and beautiful restaurants. It wouldn’t be for everyone and for us work wasn’t an issue, we work remote.
    I guess what I’m saying both places are beautiful in different ways but it’s what best works for your job and most importantly your family. The weather in both can be great. But they are very different places.
    I’m grateful for the experience of living there

  15. We are from Fort Lauderdale, My husband and I actually grew up in Miami. Remove to North Texas in Four years ago and it has not been pleasant experience. Our daughter has been bullied a lot at school, we’ve ever experienced this in South Florida. We’ve decided that we’re going to relocate back to Florida. The quality of life is better and I found living in both places that the kids are better in Florida they are more respectful and we’ve decided that it’s time to go back home.

  16. From someone who has lived in both places, we moved to Texas four years ago and I am 150% ready to move back. I’m 52 years old my husband is 55 and we have a 13-year-old daughter who has been bullied something terrible here in North Texas (Will not mention the specific community ) and we’re at a point where we’re done, we have never experienced anything like this in Florida and we are ready to move back home. We hail from Fort Lauderdale but grew up in Miami. I have family on the West Coast and now we’re looking in the Port Charlotte area. When we moved to Texas it didn’t have anything to do with Work relocation or anything like that I just always wanted to live in Texas it was on my bucket list if you will, and we looked for an area that has amazing schools and the little Stepford wives bubble that we live in ,academically it’s amazing but this district does nothing for bullying and the kids are really evil. Especially if your child is on the cheer team. So after four years finding that my daughter has been cyberbullied since fourth grade we are done and we’re ready to go back home. And it’s a much better quality of life in Florida. I really miss Florida I miss the culture I miss the laid-back vibe I miss the people people are much friendlier in Florida. After having a heart broken week With my poor daughter having droves of kids barraging her with cyberbullying text messages I looked at my husband and said it’s time to go home. We are ready to go back To the state that we grew up in, that we shared amazing memories in, And to be back in environment where parents don’t sleep issues under the carpet. It’s time to go back home!

  17. We live outside San Antonio, Texas currently and are considering a move to the Orlando area. I’ve been looking at real estate both here and there for a long time, and I can say that the prices here have skyrocketed over the last two years, leaving comparable homes both here and there priced nearly the same. The difference is that the property taxes are effectively half in Florida than here. Cost of living looks a little higher there, but again, that has skyrocketed here as well. In my mind, the lower cost of living that Texas always afforded is long gone, so why not live where it’s beautiful. We have a coast, yes, but it’s not called the Carcinogenic Coast for nothing.

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