Best Upscale Towns in Florida

The Best Upscale Places to Live or Retire in Florida for a Luxurious Lifestyle

Have you hit the lottery or became wealthy the old fashioned way (by earning or inheriting it)?

If so and you’re thinking of moving for all of Florida’s tax and built-in resident asset protection benefits (read the Florida Move Guide for more), you’re probably going to want to live in one of the better high-end cities in the Sunshine State.

Luckily, top tier dining, shopping and entertainment in the state is flourishes in the state because it’s supported by both rich residents and tourist.

You’ll find all of that plus the best scenery available in Florida in the best upscale towns to live in Florida, on list below.

I’ve also included a video of each place chosen for this article.

Here are 3 of the Best Upscale Towns to Live in Florida

1) In Disney World

No, really, I’m serious. You can actually live in the Magic Kingdom if you can comfortably afford a few million for nice home.

If you enjoy theme parks, golf, shopping, dining and the other entertainment options that Disney and the Orlando area offer, there may not be a better place to live than where Mickey and Minnie do.

Owning a home in such a desirable location may insure regular visits from family and friends, which can prevent one of the regrets that people who move to Florida experience.

There are also perks available to owners of these properties (besides nightly fireworks) that aren’t available to regular theme park visitors.

The Orlando Airport offers about the best travel options of anywhere in the world and day trips to east coast beaches are easy.

You can live in Disney is style at Golden Oak. Here’s one Family’s story in video…

Learn more about living in luxury in Florida’s Disney World in this video


2) Manasota Key

I once helped a retiring senior executive of a major corporation, who told me that he traveled throughout the US and the world, and this island off the west coast of Florida was one of the most uniquely beautiful places he’d ever seen.

So after retiring, and buying a home on the slopes in Colorado he and his wife also bought a place on Manasota Key.

Many Properties on this slice of paradise stretch across the entire island, which means you have beachfront on the Gulf of Mexico on one end of your property, and at the other end waterfront on the bay.

You need bayfront so you can have a dock for your boat.

The skinny winding public road that runs down the middle of the island is also unique because the island vegetation grows completely over it, forming a canopy that you drive through.

Owning property with two types of waterfront means you can enjoy just about any type of water related recreation you can think of.

There are a few public beaches on the island, so if you want privacy just be sure not to buy a place right next door.

There are homes on a section of the island that can only be reached by a gated private road if you really want to get away from it all.

Manasota Key is located just below Venice and Sarasota on Florida’s Gulf coast.

Sarasota is Florida’s art and culture center and offers world class dining and shopping.

Venice made Forbes best places to retire in the US list for 2014.

Both Venice and Sarasota have been annual picks of mine for best places to live in Florida, so this whole area is excellent.

You can be at the Sarasota’s airport in a half hour and Tampa’s in an hour from Manasota Key.

Here’s a video to learn more about living a Florida “island lifestyle” on exclusive Manasota Key

florida move guide book cover and discription

3) Palm Beach

Please note, we are talking about Palm Beach, the small exclusive island town in Southeast Florida. Please don’t confuse this choice with West Palm Beach or Palm Beach County.

Love him or hate him, Palm Beach is where President Donald Trump’s Florida home at Mar-a-Lago is located.

He’s far from the only celebrity or billionaire that calls this long time upscale historic oceanfront town home.

Well, at least part time during the winter when the weather here is the best in the world (warm with lower humidity and no threat of hurricanes or evacuations) and the population more than doubles.

Jimmy Buffet, yes of Margarettaville fame, has a place in Palm Beach.

Jack Nicklaus, the “Golden Bear” golf legend has a home here, and why not, there are more golf courses located here per capita that just about anywhere else in the world.

That includes a municipal course that’s rather affordable that was designed by Jack himself.

Ann Coulter, Howard Stern, Rush Limbaugh, Rod Stewart and a few dozen people on the Forbes 400 list live here, at least seasonally.

Whether it’s boating, fishing, golf, dining, the arts or whatever your passion, Palm Beach Florida is worth a visit if you’re looking for a truly special place to call home in Florida.

Here’s a video to learn more about affluent Palm Beach

Ron Stack “That Best Places Guy”

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