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Sure, Florida has alligators, snakes, the mosquito is the state bird, etc…

But there has also been a lot of BEAR attacks lately…

Here’s another one that happened a week earlier. This bear attacks a woman in her driveway…


Headline from Fortune Magazine

“New homeowners are getting rushed intobuying a home, and 75% of them feel they got a raw deal”

My view… According to study done by online listing giant, mostrecent home buyers regret feeling pressured into a fast sale becauseof the fast rising prices combined with homes selling so fast. Theirbiggest regret? They ended up moving into a home that needed morework (and money) than what they were prepared for.

This isn’t in the story, but over the years I’ve heard agentscomplain about home inspectors who pointed out a home’s problems tobuyers that killed the sale, so the agent said they would neverrecommend that inspector again.

There are many good inspectors out there, but some seem moreworried about pleasing the agent that recommended them, than thebuyers who are actually paying their fee.

Personally, when I buy in an area that’s new to me, I always callhome inspectors long before I make an offer and ask questions. I wantto find one that is going to do the job I pay them for. And that’s topoint out all of the problems with a home. I think that’seasier for them to do when a buyer contacts them first, rather thanif they got the job because the agent recommended them. However, mostbuyers don’t do this. Most buyers use the agent’s recommended homeinspector.


Headline from WJTC NEWS

“It’s about time: The real estate market maybe cooling in Jacksonville”

My view… The story explains that very recent data shows that price growthis slowing and homes are coming onto the market at a faster clip.

This doesn’t mean that it’s a great time for buyers, yet. ButFlorida is a very transient state with people moving in, and then 3-7years later moving out. Even if a homeowner is thinking of moving outof Florida, it’s hard to make a decision to sell a home when it’svalue seems to increases every hour.

However, when they start to see a lot of for sale signs going upin their neighborhood and stalling price growth hits the news, thiscould trigger many to list their Florida homes before prices start todrop so they can cash in on the windfall gain from the inflatingbubble from last few years.

If lots of homes come on the market at the same time and pricesstart to be reduced, this can cause buyers to wait. Why? It’s hard tomake a decision to buy when there’s more new homes coming onto themarket to look at every day, and prices are dropping.

The interesting thing is that slowing sales and prices in Floridaare being reported before the FED even raises interest rates for thefirst time. Many “experts” are predicting multipleincreases this year alone. Could this 2022 bring another bursting ofthe bubble as happened many times in the past?

Here’s another story about the Tampa market from just the past week also…

“Is Tampa Bay’s housing market reaching its peak?”


Headline from the Insurance Journal

“Another Big Insurer Stops WritingHomeowners Policies in Florida”

My view… The story is about United Property and Causality, one of the 10largest insurers in Florida, making the decision not to renewexisting, or write new, homeowners policies in Florida as of January1rst. The article says the decision was made because of the largeamount of claims resulting from storms last year.

If you’ve read my book, the Florida Move Guide, thenyou know what a problem keeping a home in Florida insured can be.Florida home owners already pay more than folks in all other states.

Personally, I worry about anotherrecord year for hurricanes, and damage, like we had back to back in2004 and 2005. With a shortage of workers, materials and everythingelse combined with sky high prices, could a major hurricane makinglandfall in a populated area this year cause insurance issues tonegatively affect home sales and prices?

In 2021, a record number of children died in Florida by drowning.

Florida is hot and there are lots of beaches and pools.


Do you really have to worry about large lizards falling from trees in Florida?


Florida standardized school testing may be on the way out.


When there’s bacteria in Florida’s water from feces, should the authorities tell you?


Florida’s “property insurer of last resort” is sending agents to inspect homes, and it could lead to spending a lot more money.

My book, the Florida Move Guide thoroughly explains Florida’s serious insurance issues (among other problems). I expect this will only get worse…


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